When School Choice Is No Choice At All

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Jun 12, 2018 · School choice, or education freedom or voucher scheme – whatever you want to call it – is clearly politically charged, at least in part, because choice programs unquestionably impact racial

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Voucher programs almost never provide students with full tuition. Voucher programs are all the …

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This is not a blanket indictment on all charter schools but a call for public vigilance. We must look past the artful allusions made by Secretary Devos, who compared school choice to food trucks and innovations in public transportation. In her problematic framing of the issue, choice is the great equalizer.

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Choice does offer limited services. The school budget should be an instructional spending plan, in which every dollar spent contributes to student achievement. All choices must be for all children.

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No doubt, school choice is an important tool for parents and local school boards.

Top 10 Reasons School Choice is No Choice

10) School choice is not supported by a grass roots movement. It is supported by billionaires. The proponents of school choice will tell you that they are only doing the will of the people. This is what parents want, they say. Baloney.

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Without an accompanying means of transportation, for example, the choice of a private school on the other side of town may in practice be no choice at all.

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The Manhattan Institute’s study of San Antonio’s school choice program, which offers every student in the Edgewood public school district a private-school scholarship, lends support to the conclusion that school choice makes public school student achievement go up, not down.

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His proposed budget calls for using $20 billion in federal funds, along with $110 billion of collective state funding, to encourage all 50 states to implement school choice. When Trump named Betsy DeVost , a vocal advocate of the educational reform, as his choice for education secretary, the plan for implementing school choice seemed all but cemented.

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We need all parents to have those choices. «We should be funding and investing in students, not in school buildings, not in institutions, not in systems.» And the so-called school choice

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There is no right choice. There is only choosing and then figuring out if it is working well enough. We are lucky if our kids are thriving, and we are not lucky if they are not thriving. Many children are somewhere in the middle, liking parts of school, hating parts of school, and doing well enough.