Urban Dictionary: MR2

Urban Dictionary: MR2

Automobile produced by Toyota between the years of 1984 to present. Though it underwent several iterations of body styles, the focus has always been on the mid-engine, 2-door configuration (hence the name). Different models include the AW11 (1984-1989), and the SW20 (1989-1999). The latest model is refered to as the Toyota MR-S.

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It is a Toyota vehicle made in 3 generations, and is commonly called the MR2, the 2 being 2 seater. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.

Urban Dictionary: MRS

The JDM name for the third generation MR2 ().The U.S. spec. model is called the MR2 Spyder.While the European model was called simply an MR2. This model was only offered as a convertable.

Urban Dictionary: AW11

First generation of Toyota’s popular MR2 automobiles, produced from 1984-1989 in Japan. Sporting a Mid-Engine, Rear-Wheel (MR) drivetrain, this car is rumored …

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vehicle produced by Toyota involving the several years of 1984 to provide. Though it underwent a number of iterations of human body styles, the main focus is without question on mid-engine, 2-door configuration (for this reason title).

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A giant of the automobile industry. Known for producing cars that will most likely survive the apocalypse. Parent company of lexus and scion. Once known for producing sporty and relatively inexpensive cars like the celica, celica Supra, MR2, Supra, and Sport 800, Nowadays, they are tacky, bland, and uninspiring wads of dollar-store plastic lined with tinfoil.

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«Dandism» challenge – MR2 Owners Club Message Board

Hi, as some of you know there is an MR2 «Man in Dandism» quote that came on various parts of our later model MR2s from the factory. There are «Man in Dandism» window graphics, floor mats, seat protectors, and possibly some other items.