Urban Dictionary: Margarita

Urban Dictionary: Margarita

The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has the most amazing mind, but she wont show it at first. Shes been hurt, and knows what it feels like, so she wont do the same to you. If you do everything right, this girl will make u the happiest person in the entire world. Shes very outgoing, and very smart. Great sense of humor, and someone u can talk to about anything, because its likely she

Urban Dictionary: Margarita Margarita

A dance involving one putting both hands behind their head, and then proceeding to pelvic thrust. Also, a very annoying term used to annoy 14 year old girls who have experienced the dance.

Urban Dictionary: Margarita

Only the finest drink ever invented. Best served on the rocks, blended is for sissies. My recipe is so secret sometimes I don’t even know it.

Urban Dictionary: Redneck Margarita

A drink made with cheap tequila and Mountain Dew.

Urban Dictionary: texas margarita

Texas Margarita is another slang for Sizzurp AKA Codeine AKA Lean AKA Purple Drank AKA Syrup. Which are names for a popular drink originating from Houston,Texas. The name comes from song «Texas Margarita» by Gucci Mane, featuring Zay & Young Dolph, produced By London On Da Track. It’s made of codeine or promethazine cough syrup mixed in with some sprite, served in a white styrafoam cup with

Urban Dictionary: Margarita Friday

An office tradition wherein a group of employees, usually in the computer programming field, will go to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and pound over-priced, over-sugared margaritas for 2 hours.

Urban Dictionary: Rancho Santa Margarita

home to the most narrow minded people in the planet (probably due to the milf community getting extreme botox injections) their kids follow them. the girls are slutty and stupid to get attention and the guys are dochebags who think they’re hot shit. it’s a big rich community neighbored to Coto de Caza where all the teenagers get BMW’s and Mercedes before they even have their permit.

What does Margaritas mean in Urban Dictionary?

Margarita’s tend to be desirably huge and fit the typical requirements when it comes to perfect breast. E.g shape, dimensions, nipple type, firmness.The term Margarita is a derivative from female bartenders internationally whom serve alcohol consumption (eg margaritas) are notable for their particular big breast.

What does Dolores Margarita mean in Urban Dictionary?

A cocktail fashioned with tequila, lime liquid, triple sec (orange liqueur), and Tabasco sauce (hot sauce). Could be made «on the stones» or mixed with ice; the latter version is well-known at events.Originated in Fontana, CA during the Autoclub Speedway Nascar Pepsi 500 Cup.

What does margarita mustache mean in Urban Dictionary?

A margarita mustache is when you drink a margarita under the sun,and your uppler lip starts to sweat. As soon as your skin pores tend to be available and also the sugar through the margarita gets in, its reasons your uppler lip to break out therefor causing a Margarita Mustache.

What does manly margarita mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 6, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page said in Woodbox Gang’s 2009 release «White Trash Voodoo» when you look at the song «consume, Drink, & get Dead,» a manly margarita consist of bloodstream, semen, and tequila.

What does Salty Margarita mean in Urban Dictionary?

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Sep 03, 2012 · According to the Urban Dictionary, a Midnight Margarita is a dark-coloured variation of the original cocktail. The version they quote uses black …

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