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The Pol Pot Legacy in Village Life | Cultural Survival

The legacy of Pol Pot – the most hated man in Cambodia – and his policies are immediately apparent in the physical and emotional landscape of village life. In January 1990 I collected impressions during a three-week journey through Cambodia.

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Pol Pot, or Saloth Sar, as he was known to his peers, was born in Cambodia during the Second World War. He was born into the lowest class of Cambodia composed of …

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The Legacy of Pol Pot. Steve Scher 03/07/2005 at 9:00 a.m. The killing fields of Cambodia are infamous. The architect of the killings, Pol Pot , was personally charming and charismatic. Why did he engineer one of the most ruthless social experiments of all time? A look at the impact of Pol Pot on Cambodia.

(PDF) An Asian Youth as Offender: The Legacy of Pol Pot

The Legacy of Pol Pot 9 by re-instituting interpersonal structures and assisting with learning new behavior, there was insufficient social support for Rabbitt in either Cambodia or Alabama.


Apr 05, 1983 · Pol Pot’s party has been replaced by a new Communist Party that is friendly with Vietnam and the Soviet Union and hostile toward China, the opposite of its predecessor’s position.

Phnom Penh; the legacy of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

Phnom Penh; the legacy of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge Some of the thousands of skulls of victims at the Cambodian Killing Fields Between 1975 and 1979, an estimated three million people lost their lives under the barbaric rule of the Khmer Rouge and their murderer-in-chief, Pol Pot.

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How the Khmer Rouge left a legacy of small arms, landmines and mental health problems in war affected children This paper offers background to the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and the impact of this rule on the children of Cambodia.

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Pol Pot’s Death and Legacy: On April 15, 1998, Pol Pot heard the news on a Voice of America radio program that he was going to be turned over to an international tribunal for trial. He died that night; the official cause of death was heart failure, but his hasty cremation raised suspicions that it …