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The Smooth Fox Terrier, called the “gentleman of the terrier world,” is a lively, gregarious terrier with a devil-may-care attitude, originally developed for Britain’s traditional foxhunts.

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Some speculation exists that the Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers arose from distinct backgrounds, with the Smooth descending from the smoothcoated Black and Tan, the Bull Terrier, and even the Greyhound and Beagle. The Smooth Fox Terriers were among the first breeds to enter the show ring, classified initially with the Sporting breeds.

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Origin: England

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The Wirehaired Fox Terrier was bred by crossing in the rough coated Black and Tan Terrier, for use in rough country, its coat being less vulnerable to damage than that of the Smooth Fox Terrier. The first standard for the Smooth Fox Terrier was established in 1876, separating it from the wirehaired dogs.

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Dashing and carefree, a Smooth Fox Terrier took Westminster’s Best in Show three times in a row (1907-1909). Their white fur is meant to contrast against the foxes they were bred to hunt.

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The Fox Terrier was bred to run with the hounds and horses, then to go to ground and pursue the quarry into its den. Although it resembles its cousin, the Wire Fox Terrier, the Smooth Haired Fox Terrier was bred independently in England during the 1800s. The body of the Smooth Fox Terrier has the

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The Smooth Fox Terrier is a well-proportioned, active, cheerful, and independent breed. They are elegant, eager, compact, and extremely courageous.

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The Fox Terrier comes in a smooth coat and a wire coat. The Smooth has a soft undercoat and a straight, flat, smooth topcoat with a hard texture. The Wire also has a double coat, but his topcoat is thick and harsh to the touch.