‘Pokemon Go’ Pidgey Lucky Egg Calculator: Maximize XP

‘Pokemon Go’ Pidgey Lucky Egg Calculator: Maximize XP

Looking to gain a lot of XP in Pokemon Go during a short period of time? One of the best tactics is to get yourself a Lucky Egg, an item that, when activated, will double the amount of XP you

PidgeyCalc – The Pokémon Go Lucky Egg Calculator

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Pokemon Go Pidgey Spam – Poke Assistant

Pokemon Go Pidgey Spam Optimise your Pokemon Go play for maximum evolutions during double XP. Pidgey Spam Calculator Pidgey Spam Calculator Use this PidgeyCalc to maximise your XP from evolutions. Transfer 14 Pidgey before activating your Lucky Egg.

Pokemon GO Lucky Egg: Calculator To Maximize Candies For

Getting XP in Pokemon GO can be a bit tricky, but one of the easiest ways to level up quickly is through the Lucky Egg. Unlike a typical Pokemon Egg, this item doubles the XP players get for 30 minutes, but acquiring another one can be difficult.

I made a simple to use Pidgey/Lucky Egg calculator to help

All evolutions take the same amount if time and give the same xp so your xp per minute is constant. The thing that matters is xp per candy which is much better when you go from Pidgey to Pidgeotto (8.3 xp/candy) rather than Pidgeotto to Pidgeot (2 xp/candy).

‘Pokemon Go’: Skip Animation for Evolutions & Egg Hatching

In Pokemon Go, every single time you hatch an egg or evolve a Pokemon, you have to wait for an animation to finish before the process ends. This can be a bit annoying if you’re using a lucky egg

Pokémon GO Lucky Egg Guide (Including Pidgey Calculator

In Pokémon GO, Lucky Eggs are rare, so it is best to maximize your XP gains during the 30 minutes that your Lucky Egg is active. The best way to do this is to save up your low-evolution-costing Pokemon (Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie) and evolve them all after you activate your Lucky Egg.

Pokemon GO Experience Calculator – sinite.net

Pokemon GO Experience Calculator. Instructions. I tried to make this calculator as simple as possible. Select how many of each primary XP building pokemon you have, then select the amount of candies you have for each pokemon, and it will calculate the maximum amount of XP you can gain by using a lucky egg.

I made an Evolution calculator to help you maximize your

I’m still banking candies before I can grind out the lucky egg (I don’t get many opportunities to go hunting, so it takes time to accumulate enough), but catching 1 extra pidgey is the same as releasing 3 (4 if I go ahead and release the extra) during the egg sequence, so I probably won’t be doing that.

Pokémon Go Lucky Egg & Evolution Calculator

For the Pokémon Go power levellers. Calculate the experience you gain from evolving all your pokemons and see how much CP your Pokémon will evolve to in Pokémon Go.