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Fry, a serial entrepreneur, says he has no plans to open any additional restaurants, however, and hopes to venture into other industries down the line.

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Until restaurant owners pay a living wage — a policy many say they can’t afford — tipping will be there to pick up the slack.

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Watch video · Some 29 percent said they plan to adopt a no-tip policy, according to the survey.

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May 15, 2016 · In recent years, there’s been a no-tipping movement within the restaurant industry. The idea has been to rectify a basic pay unfairness to even out …

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Many food and beverage establishments across the United States have a no-tipping policy. For some, this is an easier way for the food and beverage operators to price their menus and services and still pay a decent living wage to everyone on their staff.

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However, many establishments are transitioning to a no-tip policy. National chain Joe’s Crab Shack recently announced plans for a no-tip policy and Michelin star rated El Ideas in Chicago has become a front-runner in removing tips from their restaurant.

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Portland’s Loyal Legion beer hall tried no tipping for four months and paid its employees $18 per hour.

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Very few restaurants have adopted a no-tipping policy, but the issue has been debated among NYC restaurateurs. Meyer is a vocal opponent of tipping, calling tipping a massive hoax that was born

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The policy will start at The Modern in New York City in late November. In a statement, Meyer explained that tipping has been a «major obstacle» in providing «more meaningful career opportunities

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Other «no-tipping» restaurants have tried to offset their increased labor costs by reducing portion sizes and eliminating certain items to reduce food costs. Either way, the customer will feel the effect of a no-tipping policy, and only time will tell how customers will respond.

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The Japanese restaurant adopted a no-tipping policy in 2014, citing the need to be more in line with Japanese customs. It features signs posted at each tatami table that reads: “ Riki Restaurant is now a non-tipping establishment.