Kayako vs Tiny Samara

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Kayako has finally detected Samara’s presence, but it’s too late. Obviously, the resurrected corpse of a girl who died after 7 days in a well is not very good for your nasal passages. But it’s even worse when that said girl actually starts tickling the inner walls of your nose. Kayako’s reaction is quite understandable.

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Some more fun with the Kayako Grudge model. Looks like we finally have a confrontation between Kayako and Samara Morgan. However, just as Kayako moves in for the kill, Samara suddenly starts shrinking! F.Y.I: I didn’t use a model for Samara. It’s actually the ‘grunge’ Kayako …

Sadako vs. Kayako – Wikipedia

Sadako vs. Kayako (貞子 vs. 伽椰子) is a 2016 Japanese supernatural horror film directed by Kōji Shiraishi. It is a crossover of the Ju-on and the Ring series. The film was first teased as an April Fools’ joke on April 1, 2015, but was later confirmed on December 10, 2015, to be a real production.

Starring: Mizuki Yamamoto, Tina Tamashiro

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But Sadako Vs. Kayako, a supernatural teen horror movie co-produced by Universal and Kadokawa Pictures, is Japan’s first crack at the phenomenon outside of kaiju movies. For those who have only seen the American remakes, Sadako (a.k.a. Samara) is the creepy girl with the long hair who appears two days (not seven) after you watch the cursed

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Samara Morgan is the main antagonist of The Ring series of horror movies. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far Jason Voorhees vs Samara Morgan (Abandoned), Kayako Saeki vs Samara Morgan (Abandoned)

Sadako Vs. Kayako Review [TIFF 2016] – wegotthiscovered.com

Sadako vs. Kayako doesn’t redefine horror history, but it’s good enough to beg the question of why other franchises aren’t meeting in such headlining face-offs.

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Sayako (The Grudge) Vs Samara (The Ring) (self.whowouldwin) submitted 2 years ago by Trefeb Once upon a time there was an otaku named Jimmy living in Japan, he’s a huge fan of old ass VHS anime and just bought a new title from some shady looking store.

Sadako v Kayako Trailer: A Clash of Japanese Horror Titans

Kayako has even brought her terrifying tiny colleague Toshio along for backup. The madcap supernatural brawl for all is a Shudder streaming-service exclusive release, and it will be bowing online

There’s a new movie, Sadako vs Kayako, pitting The Ring

Forget Batman vs Superman – The Ring vs The Grudge movie is here; (Samara in the 2002 US remake) and Kayako, as well as Kayako’s demon son Toshio – and terrifying chaos ensues. LAUREN Goodger stripped down to some eye-bogglingly tiny underwear for a very cheeky vid.