Here is a Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Blowtorch and Samurai Swords

Here is a Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Blowtorch and

Here is a Stylist Who Cuts Hair With a Blowtorch and Samurai Swords. this maestro has won over the Internet’s heart this week. Here, take a look at Olmedo going all medieval (his words) on

Spanish Hairdresser Cuts Hair with Samurai Swords and a

Then he proceeds to slice the hair with swords, or scorch it with a blowtorch at a temperature of 1,300˚C. He even uses a pair of claw-like scissors that fit on his fingers for added effect.

A Spanish hairdresser will cut your hair with a blowtorch

This technique, Olmedo explains, is meant to fix the usual stylist mishap of cutting two sides of your hair unevenly.

This Stylist Cuts Hair with a Blowtorch and Samurai Swords

File this one under «whatever floats your boat.» As someone with fine, limp hair, I wouldn’t allow this hairstylist near me, but if you have a lot of tresses to spare, it might be less risky.

Hairstylist uses samurai swords and blowtorches to cut

Taking hairstyling to the extreme, Alberto, who is based in Madrid, asks clients to lean back, draping their hair over the back of the salon chair. He then takes a pair of samurai swords and

Stylist That Cuts Hair With Fire, Samurai Swords, Talons

This is a video of Madrid salon owner Alberto Olmedo demonstrating some of his unorthodox styling practices, including burning hair with a blowtorch (I love that smell so much I don’t have any hair on my arms), wielding dual samurai swords, and razor talons. No word how many haircuts have turned into accidental blood-lettings.

Watch This Stylist Do His Clients’ Hair Using a Blowtorch

And swords! And scissor finger-caps! book yourself a ticket to Spain, ’cause there’s a hairstylist there named Alberto Olmedo who will make all your circus-like hair-snipping dreams come true.

Cutting Hair With Swords And Fire – YouTube

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Dec 04, 2015 · Swords, rings, fire Alberto Olmedo has a unique method of cutting hair in his Madrid shop. Shot by video journalist Nicole Ris. Subscribe for more videos:

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Stylist Cuts Hair With Swords & Blow Torches, Is

While most stylists seek out continuing education at this point, some go off the deep end and start cutting hair with swords and fire, Fashionista reports. Yes, you read that right.

Watch This Medieval Hairstylist Cut People’s Hair with

Alberto Olmedo is a Madrid-based hairdresser who uses Samurai swords, a blowtorch, and finger scissors (just like Edward Scissorhands) to cut his patron’s hair.

‘Edward Scissorhands’ uses samurai swords and claws to

Madrid-based stylist prefers samurai swords and blow torches; uses samurai swords to cut his customers’ hair. Which he does by wielding samurai swords and using a mini blowtorch.

Barber cuts hair with Samurai swords and fire in Spain

Alberto Olmedo. He’s a real barber who owns a real hair salon in Madrid. And yes, he really does cut hair with samurai swords and fire and Wolverine-esque scissor tools.

Cutting hair Samurai style- Thoughts? – Hair Momentum

Combining his swords, blowtorch and wolverine claws, he actually safely delivers his promise for a hair cut, albeit through a nerve-wrecking process.Whether or not torching the hair is actually destroying the hair is another topic of discussion.

The Spanish hairdresser who uses a samurai – EL PAÍS

The Spanish hairdresser who uses a samurai sword and blow torch After a video showing stylist Alberto Olmedo at work went viral, we dared head over for a trim Compartir en Facebook Compartir en

man cuts women’s hair with Samurai sword HD – YouTube

Oct 27, 2014 · Man cut women’s hair with a samurai sword instead of scissor.