Gas Gernades :: ARK: Survival Evolved 综合讨论

-Patch Notes- Archival (v278.73 & Below) :: ARK: Survival

ARK: Survival Evolved > 综合讨论 > 主题 (Gas grenades, tranq). – Chitin, Metal, Riot, and TEK Armours now reduce incoming torpor. Chitin: – Doubled the rate of oil and element consumption in singleplayer only on the gas generator and tek generator.

Fuel consumption rate :: ARK: Survival Evolved 综合讨论

The preserving bin uses about 50 spark powder per day which is not all that much. Thats roughly the same as making 4 long neck rifle bullets. The electric generator uses 25 gas per day and will power your entire base: Fridge, Air Con, lights, turrets ect.

-Patch Notes- Archival (v278.73 & Below) :: ARK: Survival

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Ark: Survival Evolved will also be free to play for most of the week, beginning at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on November 6 (so, right now, basically), and running through November 11. It’s also on sale until November 13 for $20/£18/€22.

《方舟生存进化》178号升级档+3DM未加密补丁_方舟:生存进化 …

ARK: Survival Evolved. * Poison Gas Grenade *cough cough cough* * Primitive Club (great for conking people on the head and knocking them out, regardless of armor) * Overstocked Snow Metal Rocks now yield Metal Ore at the same approximate rate as «Rich Mountain» Metal Rocks 其他综合. 杂 …

《方舟生存进化》179-180号升级档+3DM未加密补丁_方舟:生存 …

ARK: Survival Evolved. * Increased poison grenade gas duration and effectiveness by 15% * Female Megaloceros don’t grow horns anymore in singleplayer 🙂 * Sloped Roofs now count for «indoors» insulation calculation. v217.1 * Fixed bug with «Rain» & «Snow» visuals only ever appearing once 其他综合. 杂谈文库 游戏

方舟:生存进化(Ark: Survival Evolved)测试版v174.31升级档+ …

方舟:生存进化(Ark: Survival Evolved)v225.0十一项修改器MrAntiFun版; 方舟:生存进化(Ark: Survival Evolved)二十三项修改器风灵月影版[20151124] 方舟:生存进化(Ark: Survival Evolved)v222.8十一项修改器MrAntiFun版

《方舟生存进化》58-59号升级档+3DM未加密补丁_方舟:生存进 …

《方舟:生存进化》58-59号升级档+3DM未加密补丁,使用说明:,1、解压缩,2、复制Update文件夹下的升级补丁到游戏目录覆盖,3、复制Crack文件夹下的未加密补丁到游戏目录覆盖,4、运行游戏,需要至少先升级 …


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Nov 03, 2008 · You should also take the time to access the computer in the office (no hacking required!) Doing so will allow you to shut off a gas leak further in the tunnel. If you don’t do this, you’ll have to rely on melee weapons later on, so be sure this is a priority.

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Dec 08, 2013 · 女权运动 movement for women’s rights 暖温带 warm temperate zone 诺亚方舟 Noah’s Ark 拿手好戏 masterpiece 泥石流 mud-rock flow 泥菩萨 like a clay Buddha fording the river-hardly able to save oneself; each one is looking out for his own survival 三废(废气、废水、废渣) “three wastes”(waste gas

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