Dirty Vodka Martini Recipe

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Dirty Vodka Martini recipe

I love dirty vodka martini’s. I use either Grey Goose or Shustoff vodka. The Shustoff is from the Ukraine. It it great for the not such a bad hangover. I like mine a little dirtier. All in all this is a great recipe.


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Oct 11, 2017 · Like the infamous Dry Martini, there’s no right way to make this savory classic. With a clouded origin story that ranges from San Francisco to New York, this …

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May 28, 2009 · Pour vodka and olive juice in a martini shaker. Drop in about 10 ice cubes and put the top on the shaker. Shake the martini shaker hard and quickly for about 10-15 seconds. Pour the ice water out of the martini glass and pour the vodka martini into the glass. Drop the toothpick with olives into the martini and serve.

Servings: 1

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Sep 06, 2012 · 2 ½ shots of ice-cold Grey Goose vodka (I always use the ratio of 5:1 of vodka:vermouth when making any martini gin or vodka) ½ shot dry vermouth (to taste, …

Servings: 1

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Nov 19, 2016 · Get Dirty Martini Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network’s best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. And watch videos …


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Pour the vodka, dry vermouth and olive brine into a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice and shake well. Rub the rim of a martini glass with the wedge of lemon.

Servings: 1