‘Buried’ carries on the legacy of one-room film locations

‘Buried’ carries on the legacy of one-room film locations

Making a one-location film exciting and tense is one of the hardest feats in cinema, but despite this, these five excellent films have taken place on a single set.

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Sep 22, 2016 · Buried (2010) If you were to make a list of comedic actors that could carry a serious drama all by themselves, Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t make that list. After 2010’s Buried, however, he’ll never be misjudged again. Reynolds plays a truck driver in Iraq, …

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TRON: Legacy Filming Locations A followup to the 1982 classic , TRON: Legacy follows Kevin Flynn’s son Sam’s journey into the TRON computer. Unlike the …

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Sep 29, 2010 · Watch video · It can’t be easy to carry a film all by yourself, but this year we were treated to two performances that did a superb job at it, the other of course being James Franco in 127 Hours. Buried is a film that Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud of.


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The film takes place in only one or two rooms (all right, I’m cheating again) and it’s high concept, but the acting and script are just good enough to carry the film and I would recommend it to

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One of director Rodrigo Cortés’ inspirations was the film Rope directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The date of events in the film is stated as October 23, 2006, Ryan Reynolds’ 30th birthday. Release. Buried premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2010.

Produced by: Adrián Guerra, Peter Safran

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The Meldrews are going on holiday to Portugal with Mrs Warboys. While Margaret is concerned about her approaching 60th birthday, Mrs Warboys is looking forward to meeting her pen friend, with thoughts of romance. Meanwhile, a journalist is attempting to retrieve a vitally important camera film which just happens to be in Margaret’s handbag.

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Sep 02, 2011 · More than almost any other movie, the plot of the 1958 film is woven into its location. But it didn’t begin that way.

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The legacy of 2008’s dark Batman sequel has been clouded by a string of dour DC missteps and a wider misunderstanding of the film’s groundbreaking grimness

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‘Buried’ is perhaps the ultimate minimalist movie, with its single location inside a coffin we can see every facial tick from Ryan Reynolds and the feeling of claustrophobia is positively palpable. Setting a feature length film in a single location (or bottle movie) that holds the attention of …